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Imagine a world where we all drive electric. Clean cities, less noise. To make this happen we provide charging solutions to cities and companies all over Europe. People will always have access to our network, unconditionally. 

More than 200 people currently are making our mission of unlimited electric mobility reality, and we are growing fast. The unique expertise they have, combined with a 'never settle' mentality, is driving this. 

By cooperation we get the best conditions for electric vehicle mass adoption. We are coordinator of leading European fast charge and ultra fast charge projects, market leader in services for Public Transport and facilitate over 600 cities and companies with smart charging solutions.

The future is electric, join us to make this happen.

Perks & Benefits

A selection of what we have to offer

  • Colleagues from all over the world
  • A lot of freedom in your work
  • Competitive salary
  • Focus on people and their talents
  • Flexible additional benefits

Where to find our offices

Below you can see where our offices are located, see you soon?


Apotekergata 10, 0180 Oslo, Norway


Mäster Samuelsgatan 60, 111 21 Stockholm


124 Rue Réaumur, 75002 Paris, France


1 Kingdom St, Paddington, London W2 6BD, UK


Westervoortsedijk 73, 6827AV, Arhem


Stralauer Platz 34 10243 Berlin


Schaliënhoevedreef 20T 2800 Mechelen, Belgium


Mettmanner Str. 25, 40699 Erkrath, Germany

After a career in energy consulting, I took the step toward electric mobility. I chose Allego for the reason that, as a pioneer in electric mobility, the company has build-up a lot of experience and market knowledge in the industry. That is why it was the perfect place for knowledge and growth. After 2 years I still do not regret my choice. Thanks to the “agile” atmosphere and a “can do” mentality, I have had many opportunities to try out new ideas and market models. Every project, every customer is different and requires an analytical and consultative approach. Collaboration, sharing knowledge and insights is extremely important in a situation that is new to everyone. In this way everyone contributes from different angles, with different backgrounds, but above all with a passion for the profession. This, in combination with giving something back to society and being able to help build a market in its full advance, gives a lot satisfaction, while remaining challenging.

Alexei Blokhine
Sales & Contract Manager

I absolutely love the dynamic environment that is still alive and well in this fast growing organisation. Yesterday my team and I went into our Technical Area, we also call it the Lab, to test our latest software on one of the new charging stations. Today we're building on our hyper scaling EV-cloud solution that should be capable of handling thousands and even millions of charging stations. Together with my dev-ops scrum team I am actually delivering new functionality on a daily basis which is one of the reasons why I really enjoy working for Allego!

Martin Hesdahl
Software Developer

State of the art charging technology

Throughout Europe for all EV drivers

Wherever we install & operate our chargers, our team of project managers, electromechanical engineers and the people in the operations team do a great job. Making sure this process runs smoothly requires focus, collaboration and knowledge. Not only do we need to know more about the technique than our installation partners, we also need to know how to improve the chargers before we install them. Because we want to deliver the best charging experience there is. 

Through focussed local teams in Europe will create local teams with extraordinary skills to help our customers and the EV driver charge whenever and wherever they want. 

I am grateful to be part of implementing society’s green sustainable future of EV recharging network solutions at Allego. As an (originally oil and gas) engineer having moved more and more to commercial development I enjoy finding, negotiating and realising the best competitive and innovative services for each of our customers. In my day to day work, I am driven to collaborate with our customers, our partners and most importantly with my colleagues at Allego who give me new energy every day. I look forward to continuously growing our business internationally in this exciting scale up phase with you.

Anna Lenaerts
Managing Director - France, Italy, Portugal and Spain