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Why work with us?

Your journey at Allego

Allego provides high performing charging solutions for electric vehicles. Together, we work towards a clear mission: contributing to a zero-emission environment, where every electric vehicle driver can charge rapidly and easily.

Working at Allego embodies the principles of team spirit, growth, ownership, and sustainability.

In our international teams, we are strongly committed to achieving our collective objectives and making a meaningful impact together. Our constant growth and contribution to the energy transition continually bring new challenges and opportunities. We empower our colleagues with trust, autonomy, responsibility, and the space to achieve personal goals andunleash their own potential.

Together, we facilitate a smoother and more effective passage towards green and electric mobility.

Team Spirit

At Allego, we work towards collective goals. This shared focus fosters a positive and productive team dynamic. The international nature of our company adds an extra layer of challenge, uniqueness, and inspiration to our work environment.


We are actively engaged in a dynamic process of development and collective progress. Being part of this growth journey often leads us into uncharted territory, where new challenges and opportunities await.

Next to your personal growth, you also contribute to the advancement of Allego as an organization and the growth of the entire sector. This energizes us and fills us with pride


At Allego, we play a vital role in promoting sustainability, both locally and internationally. Together, we work towards the transition to green and electric mobility, making a meaningful impact on the global shift to sustainable energy and a more eco-friendly world.


Allego places trust in its employees and teams. This approach allows employees to take ownership, gain self-confidence, and channel their energy towards achieving goals.

At Allego, we enjoy the freedom to make choices and unlock our full potential, ultimately making a collective impact

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