HSEQ Research Intern

Job description

At Allego we work in an innovative and fast-growing industry. Almost every day the press writes about the Electrical Vehicle (EV) Market. Allego is a leading independent European Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging solutions provider with a high level of expertise and capabilities in all EV related infrastructure (charging at home, at work, at public places, along highways, as well as public transport). All these services are enabled by a modern EV Cloud IT plat-form.

The EV market is growing fast, very fast and Allego is experiencing a lot of requests for its propositions. Allego is expanding to 22 European countries in the coming years. In order to facilitate its growth Allego is targeting its cross border management system to ensure delivery and operations of all types of charge points and services. This cross border management system is also certified for various ISO schemes (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001 and ISO45001). Our HSEQ team has overall coordination of the management system.

What you will be doing:
Allego is rapidly installing charging solutions of various types at different locations in all European countries. You will construct a business case in order to determine per site the level of collision protection that is advised or required. This business case shall be based on a comprehensive model that consist of several parameters, such as;

• risk of collision at the specific site

• TCO of collision protection installed

• type of installation and the regulatory safety measurements

• level of insurance in place

• estimated usage and requested uptime of the charging solution, etc.

You will construct this business case and the underlying model in cooperation with our experts in various locations throughout Europe. Although Allego is primarily focussing on using video conferencing tools (skype, lifesize, etc.) occasionally some travel may be required. Your role is to be the projectmanager combing all of Allego’s knowledge and innovation expertise to build the business case. The project is finalized after successfully delivering the business case for first use at a installation of a charging solution in a European country.

Are you ready to be a part of an internship offering you a front row seat in one of the most impactful changes in recent history? Then apply today!


What you have in store for us:

• You’re a 4rd year student studying Business Science or related study

• Excellent communications skills; written and verbal in English;

• The ability to move around in organizations and easily connect with colleagues;

• An organized personality, as in the dynamic world of Allego we could use some of that;

• A self-starting mentality, you will have a lot of autonomy, but we expect you to go for it;

In order to be eligible for an internship, you must:

• Be a student for the whole duration of the internship (enrolled in a university/higher education institution) in the Netherlands;
• Have an EU passport or an EU work permit.

Duration: minimum of 6 months