EV Operations Specialist with a focus on the German market (Germany)

Job description

Are you an operational Jack of Trades and do you speak German fluently among one of those trades? Then we have something interesting for you in a rapidly changing environment! Oh, and you will also join an organization that commits to a zero emission society!

This is the job

The Allego charging network offers the highest quality charging experience to the EV drivers. That is why our operations team monitors our chargers continuously. Every oddity will be registered by the sharp eyes of you and your new colleagues. In this role, you will be monitoring and analysing the whole infrastructure of charging, the operational processes and the systems involved. Basically you have three main topics that require your attention:

  1. Managing our suppliers: You will keep close contact with our suppliers such as maintenance parties for our chargers or our call centres for first line support. You speak to them for operational matters, helping them to prioritize and discuss performance issues.
  2. Second line support for our customers: Although we have call centres available to provide first line support to the EV-drivers, some of the issues need our specialism. In that case you will step in, to take over from the call centre.
  3. Process improvement: With growth come the inevitable burning issues, or ‘fires’. We want you to help improving our processes and procedures from an operation point of view so that fires will be avoided in the first place.

To summarize: you act as a hub between clients and our business partners involved in the chain of actions. In this role will be the one who flags problems, but also add solutions (both for the short term, but more importantly the long term).

This is you

The EV market is growing and we grow with it. And it grows fast, so the number of chargers that we deploy in increasing significantly. This means we are constantly developing. You like to be linking pin between internal and external parties, and are capable of linking the information that you receive. Rapid growth can be chaotic at times and you are capable of structuring and prioritising the incoming workload. Not only for yourself, but to see the improvements There are lot of quick wins out there, waiting to be discovered and implemented.

A big part of your contacts will be in Germany, so you need to speak and write German natively or fluently. Dutch? Not so much.

If you want to hear your potential new manager out first about the role (or just to see if he is a nice guy), please contact Joost Groeneveld. You can reach Joost on +31 6 411 482 26.


This is us

Before we forget… Let us introduce ourselves properly. Allego provides reliable charging solutions to cities, companies and consumers. We deliver charging facilities that can be used by all electric cars and every EV driver, providing a seamless charging experience. Our goal is to contribute to zero emission mobility and allow EV drivers to charge at the right place with the right speed. The EV market is emerging and changing rapidly. So our road is exciting and we keep driving forward with confidence.

This is our offer

A challenging job in a fast-paced, goal-oriented environment (it means we are busy as hell). So we will make sure that you can develop yourself. We make education and training available if necessary to keep driving forward. Of course you decide where you work, at our office location in Arnhem or Berlin, your attic, basement or garden shed… Whatever works for you. Although we’d love to see your face in person from time to time, so we don’t get estranged.

Furthermore the basics are there obviously, including: money on the bank at the end of each month, more than enough leave days, end of year premium, pension and a personal budget.

Note: This job has been posted twice, both in The Netherlands as well as in Germany. It is the same vacancy, but can be done from both our Dutch or German office.

Please do not contact us if you are an agency. We understand that you, above anyone else, have the best candidates, but we count on it that those candidates will know where to find us themselves.