EV Operations Specialist

Job description

Do you see yourself as an operational Jack of Trades? We dare you to show us!

This is us

First, let us introduce ourselves properly. Allego provides reliable charging solutions to cities, companies and consumers. We deliver charging facilities that can be used by all electric cars and every EV driver, providing a seamless charging experience. Our goal is to contribute to zero emission mobility and allow EV drivers to charge at the right place with the right speed. The EV market is emerging and changing rapidly. So our road is exciting and we keep driving forward with confidence.

This is the job

The Allego charging network offers the highest quality charging experience to the EV drivers. Our operations team based in both Germany and The Netherlands makes sure that customer experience is top notch. We are expanding our team in Arnhem and therefor need additional support for customer support specialist. In this role you will be responsible for three things:

1. Analyzing the behavior of our charging stations:

As part of the Operations team, you monitor our chargers for malfunctions or general weird behaviour (which usually signals an upcoming malfunction). In consultation with your colleagues you decide whether further technical support will be called in. When the charger is defective, you will call in additional support from our technical subcontractors.

2. Process service messages and initiate follow-up actions.

Malfunctions are often resolved by an on-site technician (mostly subcontractors). After each intervention, the technician writes a report with his findings. This information will be processed by you and if needed you will initiate follow-up actions, such as consulting the manufacturer, network operator, installation party or our own IT department.

3. Answer and solve questions of clients:

When Allego customers have questions about the use of the charger, payment or about the status of a malfunction, they call out call-center (not you). However, for the more indepth questions our call-center relies on the knowledge of the Operations Team (which is you). So you will provide 2nd line support for the more interesting cases of malfunctions.


This is you

First of all, you bring a positive spirit to the team. Furthermore you are able to transfer information to the right systems and make sure every inquiry has been handled correctly. Because information comes from multiple sources, you are able to constantly  structuring and prioritizing the incoming workload. You manage to keep an overview on this.  If you want to hear your potential new manager out first about the role (or just to see if he is a nice guy*), please contact Joost Groeneveld. You can reach Joost on +31 6 411 482 26.

But wait…

What if you read all of this and think: “this is a great opportunity, but I do not tick all the boxes?” Let us be clear: as long as you want to learn, we like to get in touch. Even if you have never driven an electric car and used a charger. As long as you are willing to learn our world,  we will bring you up to speed with the basics.

This is our offer

A challenging job in a fast-paced, goal-oriented environment (it means we are busy as hell). So we will make sure that you can develop yourself. We make education and training available if necessary to keep driving forward. Of course you decide where you work, at our office location in Arnhem or Berlin, your attic, basement or garden shed… Whatever works for you. Although we’d love to see your face in person from time to time, so we don’t get estranged.

Furthermore the basics are there obviously, including: money on the bank at the end of each month, more than enough leave days, end of year bonus, personal budget, pension and a great set of happy and eager colleagues.

* He actually is, and no, he did not forced us to write that down.

Please do not contact us if you are an agency. We understand that you, above anyone else, have the best candidates, but we count on it that those candidates will know where to find us themselves.