Contract Manager

Job description

This is the job

In our Operations Team all Allego Chargers are monitored and operated, with only one goal: 99,7% uptime for all chargers so our customers are ensured a seamless charging experience for their electric vehicle. To ensure this, we have multiple contracts running with all kinds of parties, including (but not limited to) maintenance parties, grid operators, energy companies and call centers for our first line helpdesk. We need you to optimize and manage all current and new contracts. The main three challenges we have for you are:

  1. Tighten our contract management on service parties and suppliers friendly but firm to give our operations a performance boost.
  2. We are expanding across the Dutch borders, so you’ll need to apply the previous topic across multiple countries and cultures.
  3. Guide our internal organization by professionalizing contract management processes and spread the word about the importance of tight contract management.


You are a professional, so we are not going to tell you what you need to do. Instead we love to come in contact with you and learn from your experience if the description above appeals to you. Let’s see if we can discuss this via a digital cup of coffee, tea, or whatever you like. Just click the link to leave your contact details. Oh, a copy of your CV is appreciated…

If you want to hear your potential new manager out first about the role (or just to see if he is a nice guy), please contact Joost Groeneveld. You can reach Joost on +31 6 411 482 26.

This is us

Before we forget… Let us introduce ourselves properly. Allego provides reliable charging solutions to cities, companies and consumers. We deliver charging facilities that can be used by all electric cars and every EV driver, providing a seamless charging experience. Our goal is to contribute to zero emission mobility and allow EV drivers to charge at the right place with the right speed. The EV market is emerging and changing rapidly. So our road is exciting and we , keep driving forward with confidence.

This is our offer

A challenging job in a fast-paced, goal-oriented environment. At Allego you choose your own challenges, we will make education and training available if necessary to keep driving forward. Of course you decide where you work, at our office location in Arnhem, your attic, basement or garden shed… Whatever works for you. Although we’d love to see your face in person from time to time, so we don’t get estranged.

Furthermore the basics are there obviously, including: money on the bank at the end of each month, more than enough leave days, end of year premium, pension and a personal budget.

Please do not contact us if you are an agency. We understand that you, above anyone else, have the best candidates, but we count on it that those candidates will know where to find us themselves.